TATER HOG Hoochie Baby Jointed "SC SUNFISH"
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TATER HOG Hoochie Baby Jointed "SC SUNFISH"

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  • Item #: HBJ102
  • Manufacturer: Tater Hog Custom Lures
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Ok here's a smaller verison of the Original Hoochiemomma for you panzzee wanzzes that are too CHICKEN to setup and REALLY TROPHY FISH! Yep Im telling you straight to your face and callin you a CHICKEN. BROCK BROCK!!! But..Tater "I dont have confidence in big lures"..Well, if you have little arms with no strength and cant handle casting a MAN SIZE LURE like the rest of us men do. Here's Hoochie baby to help you make it through the day COOTER. SAME ACTION AS THE ORIGINAL just 1/2 inch smaller and 1 oz weight rather than 2 like the ORIGINAL. WAKE IT, TWITCH IT, and get that back tail a SLAPPIN! Hold on for TOPWATER EXCITEMENT. OK OK.. JUST GIVING YOU A HARD TIME!! The smaller verison has WICKED ACTION and will be loved from the East to the West! JUST BUY ONE AND SEND US A PICTURE AND WE WILL POST IT ON THE PANZZEE WANNZZE TROPHY ROOM COMING SOON!!! LURE SIZE: 4 inches LURE WEIGHT: 1oz LEXAN LIP AND TAIL FIN