Tater Hog Uncle Johnny Swim Bait Clear Lake Hitch
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Tater Hog Uncle Johnny Swim Bait Clear Lake Hitch

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  • Item #: THUJ102
  • Manufacturer: TATER HOG SWIMBAITS
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The Tater Hog Uncle Johnny Swim Bait targets big bites.  The walking or gliding actions was made popular by muskie and pike fisherman in the North but now the bass world has found glide baits to be very popular in targeting big bass bites. Tater carved the design and personally foil wraps each bait for the most realistic finish you will ever find on a fishing lure. We like to call them our X Rated patterns.  Be one of the first to own this standard rainbow trout pattern. More patterns too come.

Length 12 inches

Weight: 7.85 oz


You can walk it under the water or swim it slow to medium fast retrieve back to the boat.  If you want a super fast retrieve we suggestion you email us and Tater will make a fast sink verison.