TATER HOG LIZZARD GOBY "Cherry Lemon Crystal Craw" SR
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TATER HOG LIZZARD GOBY "Cherry Lemon Crystal Craw" SR

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  • Item #: THLG1225
  • Manufacturer: TATER HOG CRANKBAITS
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With it's unique profile and Lizzard lookin face, Tater has hit a homerun with this design. The Lizzard Goby cranks cut the the air like a Cup Car at Daytona. You can cast this design a country mile and the hunting action is unbelievable. You can fish it like a normal crankbait or rip and jerk it up for huge reaction strikes. With it's square bill design on the shallow runners you will deflect heavy cover and bring those Tater Hogs out to HOG SLAP YOUR LURE! SUUEEE WEEE!!! SPECIAL DETAILED PATTERN 4 to 6 feet 3 1/2 inches in length .55 oz weight