TATER HOG Boogie Shad  "Dark Threadfin"
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TATER HOG Boogie Shad "Dark Threadfin"

Price: $69.95
  • Item #: THBO100
  • Manufacturer: TATER HOG WAKE BAIT
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Tater Hog Brand New Boogie Shad Wake Bait is bring back classic action with Tater live bait look that triggers topwater excitement. The overally size of the bait is 5 1/2 inches and features lexan custom painted tail fin and foil wrapped body. This lure will be a hit for all fresh and saltwater fisherman alike. Target Bass, Striper, Musky, Pike, Snook. The bait is personally handpainted and handmade in the USA by Tater Hog himself. So if you want to support real american craftsmanship then own an america made Tater Hog Boogie Shad. AVAILABLE IN ALL CUSTOM COLOR's TATER PAINTS