Tater Hog Hard Fluke X RATED SHAD
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Tater Hog Hard Fluke X RATED SHAD

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  • Item #: THHF105
  • Manufacturer: TATER HOG JERKBAITS
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Cast it alone as single topwater walk bait. Twitch bait under docks. Toss it over the top of sunken brush piles, stumps or rip ramp. Busting schooling bass too! You can do alot with it. I can make it in floating, slow sink and fast sinking designs.  It is really going to be deadly this winter as the shad die off! The sinking verison will sink tail down! WHICH IMMATES DYING SHAD.  
Bait has crazy action and really looks hurt in the water. 


Bait comes in Floating, Slow Sink and Fast Sink

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